Technical Tips

Rotary Screw Compressors

Understanding Volume Ratio

This paper discusses the concept of Volume ratio Vi. It explains how volume ratio is physically adjusted and what impact Vi adjustments has on HP. There is also a discussion on the impact of adjusting the Slide valve with respect to Vi.
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Reciprocating Compressors

Understanding Volumetric Efficiency

This paper covers the concept of Volumetric Efficiency (VE) from the point of view of a Reciprocating compressor. From the definition of VE the paper also reviews the impacts as a result of changes to compression ratio and changes to physical clearance on the cylinder.
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Booster – Sales Max (Review of Boosting Scenario)

This paper delves into a case study on the most efficient way to setup a boosting scenario when it comes to a Screw Rotary compressor boosting into a Reciprocating compressor. The paper reviews the most efficient method of setting up both the rotary screw and reciprocating compressor.
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Boost versus HP

This paper goes over how a comparison of compression HP to intake manifold pressure (boost) can be used to gain some insight into the health of the engine.
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Bypass Valves

This write-up reviews the use of a temperature gun to assess if a bypass valve is leaking.
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Startup Packages (Shut down Setting)

This write up outlines how to go about assessing you shut down switch setting based on the use of an accurate compressor loading curve.
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Fixed Volume Clearance Pockets

This write-up goes over the basics of what a FVCP is and the operation of a FVCP. The paper also review’s the concept of cylinder clearance (with or without the FVCP).
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Variable Volume Clearance Pockets

This write-up reviews what the VVCP is and how they are adjusted in a safe manner. The paper also highlights safe practices surrounding VVCP.
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