Q:  What is an in-house school?

A:  An in-house school is a training school specifically put on for your organization.  An in-house school is usually hosted by the client and as such the cost of the training school can be lower.


Q:  How many participants do we need in order for Detechtion Technologies to hold an in-house school?

A:  Detechtion Technologies requires a minimum of 8 participants for training schools within Canada and continental USA for an in-house training school run.  For training schools outside the continental USA or Canada, an assessment of the expenses will be done.


Q:  Can someone from Detechtion Technologies come to my site to run an in house school?

A:  Yes.  So long as you have the requisite number of participants for the training school (8 individuals), someone from Detechtion Technologies will be more than happy to come to your site to run a training school.


Q:  How much lead time would Detechtion Technologies need to be able to run an in house school?

A:  The typical lead time, so long as there is room on the schedule, for Detechtion Technologies to run an in-house is about 14 to 21 days.  This, of course, will depend on how much customization you require for your training school.  More lead time may be required if there is a significant amount customization required.


Q:  Is there a price difference between a client-hosted in house training school versus a Detechtion hosted in-house school?

A:  So long as the requisite participant numbers are met, a client hosted in house training school can be indeed the best cost effective solution for your training need.  The more participants you have attend an in house session the lower the cost per participant.


Q:  Is there a maximum cap for the number of students for an in-house training school?

A:  We typically try and limit the maximum number of participants per session to 20. This is wholly due to the lack of engagement of participants as the number increases past 20.


Q:  Can Detechtion customize a school to suite and meet my needs?

A:  Yes we will be happy to use your compressors and specific scenarios as case studies throughout the in house training school.


Q:  How can I pay for my schools?

A:  There are two options available to you.  You can pay online via credit card, or you will be invoiced after the school has been completed.  You must provide the PO # and/or cost center codes along with major/minor codes that need to be included on the invoice when registering for the school.


Q:  What do I need to bring along with me to the training school?

A:  You will be provided with a course manual in which you are encouraged to make notes on the course as the school progresses.  You will also be provided writing material for the school.


Q:  Can I get a copy of the school slides when the school is completed?

A:  The course manual is designed to follow the course slides and is provided as a reference for the school. Taking notes during the school should help supplement any 11th hour additions which may appear on the slides.  It is exceedingly rare for us to provide students with the school slides.


Q:  Can I retake the school I just attended next time for free?

A:  The short answer to your question is yes.   Provided you attend a session within six months of your initial attendance, we whole heartedly encourage it!!


Q:  Can you use my compressor as a case study in the school?

A:  Yes we will be happy to use your compressors as case studies throughout the in house training school.


Q:  What happens if I fail to show up for a school I registered for and I also failed to provide notification of cancellation 48 hours before the school?

A:  As per our cancellation policy, you will still be charged and are responsible for payment of the schools that you were registered for.   We will allow you to attend another session within 3 months at no extra charge.